Thursday, September 16, 2010

What I want for Christmas...

So I did something yesterday that I thought I would never do...I went to over 160 blogs....Yes can you believe it? Going to that many blogs made me realize that not only did my finger totally hurt, there are some amazing bloggers out there!
Well at they have a contest going on where you can win what you want for Christmas and I've thought long and hard on this one...I really would like a Kindle. Since I love to read so much what a better gift in the world could there be? I mean Yes I toss around the thought of a digital camera and then decided I like my mom's so I'll just use hers(since she doesn't) and then thought about new clothes, but I like my jeans and Thus if the nice Elfs are listening and really want to make this dream come true...Please oh Please pick me :)

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